Mom-ography – Capturing Childhood

Posted on : July 20, 2016

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DEFINITION: mom with a nice camera that wants good images of the everyday moments that happen in motherhood. Capturing childhood memories for your children is something you won’t regret.

Did you splurge on that nice camera in order to get better captures of your littles? Does said nice camera get used or left at home because it’s to big? Does said camera get set on auto and produce semi decent images? Do you want to learn how to get better images from that pricey piece of equipment that you invested in? I hope so, because I want to help you learn!

I too started out as a mom-ographer! I was a super scrapbooker and wanted better images to perfect my art. So I set out to learn. I read everything I could get my hands on, took classes, paid for workshops, watched videos etc. It just so happens I turned that learning into a profitable business. But even if you don’t want to have a business, mastering your photography skills can help you capture those beautiful moments that come with motherhood. Childhood is a masterpiece waiting to be frozen and framed! Let me help you. You don’t want to forget the mud pies, the water fun, the vacations, the dirty looks, the moments when they don’t know you’re watching. These memories should be captured and treasured!

I want to help you see the light…and use it to it’s fullest potential to create beautiful images. I want to teach you about the exposure triangle, how to get that beautiful bokeh blur, and those crisp sparkly eyes. I want to teach you. I want to give you all my secrets because I am passionate about photography, about memories and about being a mom-ographer.

For more information about mentoring and workshops go to:



If you don’t have a desire to capture your own day to day memories, let me help you capture a few. I offer Day in the Life Sessions. This can be 1 hour or a whole dawn to dusk day. It’s up to you. For samples of my work and investment information go to:

Day in the Life

Don’t let your memories go uncaptured. You make the memories, I’ll help you freeze them, through education or my art! Contact me today!

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