Choose Your Colors For Your Newborn Session

Posted on : January 02, 2017

To make things a little easier for my newborn photography clients I’ve cataloged the colors/textures available for my beanbag shots. Hopefully this will help current clients decide on colors and also show potential clients that are browsing my site what I have to offer. Then below that the individual choices close up for seeing texture and detail. Clients if I have linked you to this page, please choose three backdrops that you love. The colors you choose will determine the color scheme of your session.

white lace                                                             white smooth

baby_paisley__21 baby_kace__11 _mg_8924 baby_jacobmarvel_05

butter sweater                                                   mustard smooth

mustard lace                                                       olive bump

_mg_8920 _mg_8922 _mg_8923 baby_-annaleigh__15

olive texture                                                       light teal smooth

mint texture                                                        speckled teal grey

_mg_6071 baby-emerie_007 _mg_8927 _mg_8929

baby blue smooth                                             baby blue sweater

navy smooth                                                       ribbed mint

_mg_8930 _mg_8931 _mg_8933 _mg_8934

dark sage                                                             sage texture

dark teal                                                              blue floral

baby_aliciapeatl_06 _mg_8921 _mg_8919 _mg_6132

periwinkle texture                                             lavendar polkadot

lavendar texture                                                 purple bump

lucy_newborn__38 _mg_8925 _mg_8926 baby_harper_12

purple texture                                                    grey sweater

grey lace                                                                dark grey

_mg_8914 baby_karson__035 baby_parker__54 baby_karson__023

grey pin striped                                                   light grey

rib knit grey                                                        speckled grey

baby-joey__15 thea_newborn_18 baby_aliciapeatl_32 newborn_skylar__076

cloudy grey                                                         light brown smooth

brown bump                                                       Cream smooth

_mg_8911 baby_karson__011 _mg_8906 _mg_8901

soft peach texture                                              speckled peach

red smooth                                                          burnt orange sweater

newborn_skylar__069 baby_alice_40 baby_blaire_69 _mg_5308

mauve texture                                                    soft pink smooth

blue grey bump



I have a few more not photographed yet: pink sweater & teal striped

Coming soon: Yellow & Peach


*If there is a color you love that you don’t see. I can order any color, I just need at least 3 weeks notice.


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