Birth Stories

The miracle of birth is something you will always remember. The details of that day will fade with time. I love having the chance to be a "fly on the wall" during this miracle and freeze the details to help you remember every tiny moment.

Since each birth is unique so is the pricing, I have a base fee of $100 per hour and will shoot up to 6 hours

For an additional $250 you will get one of the following:

– An HD slideshow of your image & 50-80 digital images pintable to 8×12

– An 11×8 20 page album

Choose both for $400

I also offfer Fresh 48 Sessions for $250

This is an hour session of any time you’d like me to come to the hospital after baby has arrived, to capture those first precious moments together in the hostpital. You will recieve 30 digital images printable up to 8×10.