Birth Stories

The miracle of birth is something you will always remember. The details of that day will fade with time. I love having the chance to be a "fly on the wall" during this miracle and freeze the details to help you remember every tiny moment.

Birth Story $350

So that I am not at the hospital for hours on end I ask that you contact me when you go into labor and keep me posted throughout the day on progress. I will head to the hospital when you reach an 8 if this is your first baby and a 6 if it’s a consecutive birth. I will stay up to an hour after the birth to capture those first moments with baby. Each birth story is unique and plays out differently so I am flexible with time. You will receive 30-60 digital images via download as well as a birth story slideshow.

I also offfer Fresh 48 Sessions  as an add on for $150 or on their own for $250. This is an hour session of any time within the first 48 hours of birth that you’d like me to come to the hospital after baby has arrived, to capture those first precious moments together in the hostpital. You will recieve 30 digital images printable up to 8×10.