Maternity Photography with Em J Photography Ogden, Utah

Posted on : February 11, 2017

~Capture that Baby Bump~

You think that you will remember how it feels. You think that you will remember what you looked like. The sad truth is memories fade. Aside a good journal, recording every wiggle, squirm and hiccup, a maternity session helps freeze these moments, and allows you to look back on it and truly see and remember. Pregnancy feels like an eternity while it’s happening, but it’s only a blink of the journey that is beginning! Let me help you keep those memories from fading.

Em J Photography has invested in making you feel beautiful! The dresses and variety of images will help freeze this beautiful stage of life and get you even more excited about that little human that is growing inside of you, soon to be in your arms!





_MG_6929 _MG_6907


Maternity_Kelsey__013  Maternity_SarahFaria__029   _MG_4790

_MG_4833  _MG_5001

_MG_4901 _MG_5058


Maternity_Torie_131  Maternity_Torie_113

Maternity_Torie_039  Maternity_Torie_023


Maternity_Kelsey__004  Maternity_SarahFaria__014



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