I truly love my job! Photographing Newborns is not work, it’s art, and love and passion.

Posted on : July 25, 2016


Have I ever mentioned that I love what I do? Probably so many times that everyone is sick of me saying it. But truly photographing baby bumps, births and new life is a privilege not a chore. I adore every moment. It’s not always glamorous, I’ve had an assistant compare photographing a newborn session to hot yoga…ha ha ha. And I can’t say that it’s far from the truth, but who doesn’t want to snuggle a sweet little newbie for 2 to 3 hours and then get to see the smiles on the parent’s faces as they see the captured perfection of their sweet baby!

_MG_6132 copy

Also who wouldn’t love watching the excitement in a soon to be momma’s eyes as she shows off her baby bump for images she’s sure to treasure. To see older siblings love their soon to be baby before it even arrives, to see husband’s melt into their pregnant wife’s eyes.  Memories of pregnancy fade, you think you’ll remember what you looked like and what you felt like. Along side a good journal, a good picture is the most precious thing to keep those memories alive.

Maternity_Kelsey__019 copy

And don’t even get me started on the chance to be a fly on the wall, to freeze the moments during of the miracle of birth. There is simply nothing more beautiful to observe. My job is the tops! I love every second of capturing moments. And then to top it off, I get to take those captures into Photoshop and create art! I. LOVE. ART. Always have. I love it! I crave it! And I am lucky enough to call it my job! So in case you were wondering I love what I do! I hope I get the opportunity to do it for you.


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