Tweens–Capturing the Magic

Posted on : January 03, 2017

Tweens–Capturing the Magic

My oldest two kiddos just had birthdays. These birthdays, while exciting for them, were bitter sweet for me as their momma. I’ve never seen myself as the senitmental schmoopy mom, but seeing my kids grow into “adults” is bringing so many emotions…I’m getting a little dizzy from the emotional rollercoaster. I don’t like that they are getting older because it’s a reminder that I am too. However I adore watching them come into their own and find themselves. Seeing them go through the awkward stages is entertaining, painful, nostalgic and heartwrenching all wrapped into one. Seeing them struggle in school, have rough times with friends and fight to find out who they are is more painful than when I had to do it myself. That said, seeing them get through it and come out stronger fills me full of mommy pride that makes me want to burst!

I feel like this stage is a bit overlooked and underestimated. We fawn all over our babies, laugh histerically at our toddlers and then skip a few years and pull our hair out with our teenagers, but this in between stage story needs to be told. For these photoshoots, I let my kids choose their clothing and do their own hair (that was hard for me). I just let them represent who they are. I didn’t pose them ( Ragan can’t help it) I just told them to do whatever they wanted and I captured it all. I do this every year for my kids, but for some reason this stage is screaming at me that it is so important to capture. They will change so quickly in the next few years, not only physically but emotionally (ughh) spiritually and intellectually. They still have some flickers of left in little in them , but they want so badly to be grown up. I just found these images to be so unique and inspiring that I had to share my feelings about them.

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